Monthly Archive: May 2016

How To Get The Best Out Of Your SEO

seo-toolDespite the fact that search engines are currently cracking down on awkwardly placed links and linking practices, every link builder knows that the act itself is important to stay on top of competition. Most site owners assume that by simply pasting a couple of links onto the page, the rank of the website will magically improve overnight. Apart from a couple of rare cases, this is mostly not true. In fact, by simply throwing in a couple of links and calling it a day, there is a possibility of creating more trouble than solving it; in extreme cases IP addresses are blocked from creating websites on the domain again or the website is simply shut down.

There are sites that exist purely to serve as a linkbot to other sites. In order to create the right kind of links, it is important to analyse the relevance that the target site has to yours as well as the actual site’s overall ranking. The page may be perfect for your needs, but you will still need to run it through a link building software to know it’s true worth. The manual method of figuring this out is easily done by going through the website’s subpages and making sure all the information is provided, that the content is well written and presented and that you will be happy being associated with that web site.

It is also important to communicate with the link builder and let them know what sort of pages you want to be associated with in your niche. While some link builders may be happy to include any old link on the webpage, having relevant links keeps your customers happy and visiting again and again. It is important to learn how to crawl; this helps make sure that every broken link and redirecting error gets addressed swiftly in order to avoid conflict with competition.

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