Keep Your Eyes Open For These SEO Trends In 2017

SEO Trends In 2017

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving marketing tool that keeps even the experts on their toes with new trends emerging every now and then. 2016 saw a lot of developments which promises to make the SEO landscape quite exciting for the year 2017. Keeping up with these emerging patterns would be imperative for any SEO specialist to survive in this game. Diligently updating your website is essential for your online reputation management and here, we will see how ignoring this important tool can seal the fate of your virtual presence.

According to, with Google updating its search engine algorithms regularly, it is vital that SEO professionals are clued into the latest advances in this field to continue being successful. We are attempting here to bring to your notice some of the trends that seem to be all poised to take over the SEO world. Let us check them out.

Focus On User Intent
Customers who are well-informed about the organic growth taking place in the world of search engines fast realize the usefulness of typing in long keywords and phrases that can get them better results. Customer intent rather than keywords would become a more important factor to be considered in the future. It would become critical to investigate what brings the customers to your page and what answers they are looking for. Once you are done with this research, change your content to reflect your new findings. And finally, keep checking the analytics to understand what you are getting right and where you are going wrong.

Rich Answers
When you ask a question to Google, it will generally show the answer directly in the search results (it is called rich answers) together with other websites, videos, etc. that might give you the answer to your question. Structured data markup is used to help websites achieve this kind of enhanced listings that appear on the search engine result pages (SERPs). This markup assists search engines to understand the content of the website so that it can be displayed whenever a relevant query comes up.

These rich answers or features snippets are usually followed by other search listings featuring relevant information. The volume of the rich answer has almost doubled in the last two years, and they are expected to continue their upward journey. So, getting structured data markup would be a great favor that you can do for your website to ensure that it is listed on top of the SERP and gets featured as rich answers.

Cross- channel marketing for more business
Cross- channel marketing – though it sounds similar – is quite different from multi-channel marketing. In cross-channel marketing, you use various platforms to integrate your marketing strategy in a seamless way. Cross-channel marketing can be considered as an extension of multi-channel marketing. The focus of the cross-channel marketing is to have – across different channels – a consistent brand presence that will help the customer to engage with the brand in a seamless manner resulting in conversions.

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